Friday, July 17, 2009

Singapore, Part II....

Ozell and I returned to Singapore via a bus ride from Kuala Lumpur.  This was our first bus ride in a long time.  We have flown to each location in SE Asia.  The ride was uneventful though except it was a chance to see some of the Malaysian countryside which is mainly heavily vegetated tropical jungle and marsh.
Our second stay in Singapore was just because we caught our flight to Perth from Singapore.  We went out the couple nights we were there.  The most eventful thing that happened was that one of the guys I met in Floripa, Brazil during Carnival, Rodrigo, walked into the bar with some of his flight attendant friends!  He called out my name, and at first, I did not recognize him.  It wasn't because he looked different.  It was because I was not expecting to see him in Singapore.  It just reinforced what a small world we live in.  We also met some other interesting guys and Australians that night.
The following day I did go to the Chinese and Japanese gardens with a guy I met online.  It was nice to see those places since I did not get to see them the first time around.
It was also over 40 degrees C (95+ F) when we were there.  I was bitching about it then, but we were about ready to head Australia and the worst weather we have encountered on this trip.  I would take some heat and sunshine presently.  :)


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