Monday, June 1, 2009

Another senseless assault and costly consequences...

Hello Everyone,
Unfortunately, Ozell and I were victims of another completely unprovoked, random, and senseless act of violence.  I wrote an email to my parents just now.  I am posting it to the blog so I don't have to retype stuff.  I don't feel like it right now...  We are okay, but I have to have oral surgery as soon as possible to fix my jaw.
More information to come as available...
Hey Dad and Mom,
I don't know how to explain it.  In fact, I am very confused as to why these types of events are happening to us.  I don't want to get into any details because I don't feel like typing them out.  I didn't want you to hear about it from Ginger or someone else since I have already posted a Facebook message about last night.  That is the site that Bridget read about our attack in Africa.  But here is the short of it...
I AM OKAY.   However, I need to have oral surgery as soon as I can.  Ozell and I were assaulted again last night.  This time it was inside an actual bar instead of outside.  But like last time, it was completely unprovoked, random, and senseless.  Ozell and I were just talking to each other inside the bar.  Then some local Australian comes up to us and asks us accusingly, "Are you guys making fun of me?!"  Before we could even process the nonsense he was stating, he hit me in the lower jaw and head butted Ozell.  Ozell suffered a cut inside his mouth.  He will be fine quickly.  I had a very sore jaw and my furthest back molar on my lower, left side was knocked loose.  We chose to leave the bar and head home.  I used gauze to stop the bleeding and took some pain medication to get some sleep.  But I woke up early and knew I had to seen an emergency dentist right away.  Unfortunately, today is a holiday here in Australia so that made it more difficult.  The owner of the B&B in which we are staying was able to point us in the right direction.  Ozell and I went down to the dentist.
At first, I was thinking the only wrong with me was the tooth the was knocked really loose.  I presumed the worst I would have to endure was to lose this tooth and have it extracted.  Unfortunately, when the X-ray came back, it clearly showed that my left lower jaw was broken all of the way through.  :(  He said that I needed oral surgery right away in order to have screws and wires inserted into the bone to property set it.  Of course, since today was a holiday, there were no oral surgeons available.  Since we are flying to Melbourne tonight anyways, we decided it would be fine if I sought treatment in Melbourne tomorrow.  I have my X-rays, medication, and some guidance on where to go when I get to Melbourne. 
So I will try to call you (if I can speak) or at least send you another email once I can see a surgeon which hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow.
Love you,
Sean  :)


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