Monday, July 13, 2009

Bangkok: Mid-day breakfasts, happy hour, a nap, then clubbing and sex with Thais

Hey Everyone,
It's only been a couple of months since I have kept up with the blog.  I'm sure we have lost most of our audience due to the lack of activity.  No matter, as I said in some of the very first posts, I write on the blog probably more for me than anyone else.  It is just a little record of our trip that I can keep and look back upon 10, 20, 30 years from now.  Goddess willing...
Well, let's try to pick up where we left off.  That would be Bangkok.  Bangkok was our only stop in Thailand.  There is so much more of this country to see.  In fact, going to Bangkok and saying that you have been to Thailand is very akin to going to a Americanized Cancun resort and saying that you have been to Mexico.  It is not even remotely accurate.
Having said that, I would further qualify my statement and say that we really didn't even visit Bangkok.  We were there a week and did not take any pictures.  We did not see any of the city but the neighborhood around our hotel.  We stayed near the center of the nightlife both the typical and the red-light kinds.  This was a little vacation from our trip for us.  At least that is the way I started to view it once I realized the daily pattern we were sticking to.  Mainly:  getting up at noon or later, showering the stains and smells off of us from the night before, grabbing a mid-day breakfast at a very homey restaurant nearby, relaxing for a couple of hours, grabbing our cheap happy hour drinks at the hotel, getting some dinner at the same restaurant, taking a nap, and then heading out to DJ Station and GOD for more booze and Thais.  It may sound redundant and boring, but it was quite enjoyable and dramatic.
I met two Thais my first night out.  I went back to our hotel with one.  Then the next day the other came over to my hotel for a rendezvous.  I was warned by a guy from Puerto Rico that the Thai guys can be very possessive and jealous of their "Farangs" (foreigners- typically white).  Well, both were very hot.  One was sane and nice.  They other was very melodramatic and psychologically impaired.  I spent the week trying to get rid of one while spending time with the other.  Oh, and of course they happened to be friends with each other which only added to the drama.  The crazy one even went home with Ozell one evening after seeing me and his friend leave together.  What his true motivation was, we don't know.  But I'm glad that Ozell had a good time.  Hahaha
I do like hearing Thai spoken.  I loved the restaurant that we ate at every day.  I like Thai men (the sane ones).  I liked my motor scooter ride back from the one guy's place through the ghetto and to my hotel during the mid mornings.  I didn't like the obscenely large number of OLD white men with their rented Thai sex toys for their visit.  Don't get me wrong, I was in Bangkok to have sex and did have sex with locals.  But I do not pay for their company.  I like that I can find some that are interested in being with me just to be with me.  And I also know that many of the Thais find their companionship is a means to better their lives and earn some money.  I don't begrudge that either.  And I try not to judge the old, foreign men.  I just hope that when I am 50 and over I don't need to fly halfway around the world and pay for sex in order to have sex.  What I didn't like is that this patronage was SO pervasive.  It was everywhere- both male and female, straight and gay.  And I am referring to the "of age" relationships.  I am not referring to the child sex trade which I know exists but at least did not observe personally.  I didn't like that so many locals made their living, or at least heavily subsidized their incomes, by working as escorts, tricks, hustlers, and prostitutes.
I really would like to return to Thailand and see all of the country.  It is a place that I would definitely like to visit again because I can't rightfully say that I have even visited it now.


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