Friday, July 17, 2009

Perth, Australia- the most isolated city in the world...

Howdy Gang,
Our first stop in Australia was the major city on the west coast, Perth.  We spent a week there, and overall I liked the city.  The weather was pleasant most of the time.  The sun shines a lot, but the temperature was not nearly as oppressive as Singapore.  It felt like a refreshing autumn day.  Of course, this is the city where Ozell and I were assaulted in a bar our last night there and where I suffered a broken jaw and Ozell a cut a mouth.  But since we already posted the details of that event a while ago, I won't go into them again here.
Perth opened our eyes about what the rest of our trip was going to be like in a major way-- Cost!  The prices for hostels, food, and beer were exorbitant.  We stayed in a hostel one night.  It was a complete dump.  Think of a completely trashed fraternity house back in the States, and you will get the picture.  On top of that, the cost was about $50 USD!  We decided we would spend the extra $5 each in order to stay in a B&B we found online.
The proprietor of the B&B was an older gay man named Richard.  He was very kind and personable.  He also had some good stories to share. 
Perth is know as the most isolated city in the world because it is.  There are no other large population centers around for 1000's of kilometers.  One nice benefit of this appears to be the cleanest air of any large city in the world.  The air was very fresh and clear.  I think the pic shows that.
We enjoyed walking around the city and touring the Kings Park botanical gardens.  We also hung out at some of the local bars and met some nice local guys.  Ozell met a really nice guy while we were there, and I had a three-way that was a very fun time.
But as much as Perth had going for it, it was neither of our favorite Australian city.  That distinction would fall to the next city we visited... Melbourne.
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"That distinction would fall to the next city we visited... Melbourne.

Ciao for now,"



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