Ozell Xianté

While most would probably describe me as an eccentric, I would describe myself as an even-tempered intellectual who is politically informed, socially adaptable, passionate about his views and interests, and on an eternal quest for further enlightenment. I am more logical than emotional; structured rather than spontaneous; conscious as opposed to aloof; and usually more altruistic than egotistical. I question everything and make full use of my ability to think independently. I have an interesting background and unique perspective on life. I live for conversation and the exploration of new ideas and points of view. I also love writing. Writing is the conduit through which I express my emotions, and the method by which I respond to the world around me.

I am a minimalist; I live within my means and consider myself to be fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. Family and friends are critically important to me; monetary wealth and social status are not. I do not define myself by job; I simply do what is necessary to remain comfortable. I believe in creating happiness, avoiding conflict, and dealing with problems constructively. I see life as an exploration of ones self, other people, places, culture, and feelings.

My primary interests, beyond writing of course, include movies, music, books (both fiction and non-fiction), coffee, politics, dancing, culture, language and especially travel. I also love spending quality time with family and friends.

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The Origin of My Name

At my earth age of 19, I took the necessary steps to have my name legally changed to Ozell Xianté. This change was the culmination of a long process of self-discovery and acceptance that took place over the previous years. The occasion, which official took effect on 14 October 1997, signified a moment of awakening and marks the beginning of a period of growth and enlightenment into the true nature of my being. Self-identity is the most central tenet of my personal philosophy and allows me to reach my full potential as an Individual.

As to the origin and meaning of my name, I was named after my father and my first, or "given", name remains the same at it was at birth. My grandmother made up the name, as black people tend to do, and it has no specific meaning to speak of. In fact, it is actually less original than one might initially assume.

I personally made up the name Xianté. It's meaning is somewhat complicated, but just as other creators are granted the privilege of defining their own creations, I fully exercise my right to define the meaning of Xianté. People often ask about the meaning, but it is impossible to explain in brief and people usually get bored once they realize the answer isn't a one word response. For those who truly are curious, and I've found most people are not, I encourage you to browse my website, after which the true profundity of Xianté should become more apparent.

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I believe in the U.S. Constitution; my political beliefs are based on respecting its principles and defending it from those who do not appreciate how it helped to shape one of the greatest societies in human history. I tend to be fairly liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues. I believe in small government in the traditional sense. I fear the continuing loss of personal freedoms in my country and the implications of recently enacted and proposed legislation by my national, statewide, and local governments. I am not likely to vote for proposed tax increases or a candidate who advocates tax increases as a solution to financial shortfalls. My position on a few issues: I do not support capital punishment. I do not support incarceration for drug use "offenses". I am pro-choice; however, I frown upon the use of abortion as a method of birth control and support efforts to offer alternatives to women considering the procedure. I have serious issues with outsourcing jobs to foreign countries and the disregard for Americans displaced by such actions. I believe my country's immigration laws, like those of many countries, are too restrictive, especially when family unification is a factor.

I am not aligned with any particular political party and support political candidates based on my independent and personal assessment of their proposals and my own critical analysis of their qualifications for the office they seek to hold, including their leadership potential and ability to serve in an responsible, honest, and effective manner.

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I consider myself a spiritual person and posses a strong set of morals and beliefs I am quite passionate about. I am not particularly fond of organized religion or religious institutions. It is difficult to categorize my spiritual beliefs into an existing system; however, there are many similarities between my belief system and that of pantheism. For more on this topic, check out The Philosophy.

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WHEREAS, on the day of His Majesty, 14 OCTOBER 1997, the powers that be, justly and rightfully gave rise to a new being, a new life form, a new way of existence, and a new level of understanding; a Paragon by which the earth and its inhabitants, from prelates, to nobles, to commons, may be prosperous and gain fulfillment in the Knowledge that contentment and tranquility, within the realm of His creation, shall standeth, and the better and longer continue; for the complexity of the nature of life and existence, and the continuum by which all matter of the aforesaid hath been illustrated, hath given rise to the remarkable evolution thus achieved through the collective Work of the followers of faith; for unto them, Enlightenment shall been granted, and all who doth seek understanding, truth, and purpose in His name, shall receive their just rewards.

AND WHEREAS, upon all such considerations, and by His Supreme Authority, shall all who doth endeavor, be granted progress towards their ultimate Enlightenment, and partake in their utmost and paramount calling, advocating for the advancement and growth of the spiritual core, and promoting the perfection of the Work that is of His beginning, the foundation whereupon the rest may be established, in recognition of Providence, as so it is known.

I BESEECH YE THEREFORE, that ye may bear witness to this occasion, in celebration of the nativity, hence forth and per annum, as it hath been proclaimed THE DAY OF ENLIGHTENMENT, and hath therefore been published, promulgated and declared the same, to the extent that all proclamations and missives, foreign and domestic, worldly and ethereal, hath been noted and observed; and thus, by the grace of God, through the sovereignty of His Majesty, The Preeminent, most worthy ruler of the Kingdom, advocate of truth, defender of the faith, and vessel of Enlightenment; and by the power of the Individual, characterized by the innate understanding of the actuating cause, the immaterial essence, and the animating principles of life; and through the collective energies of the Universe, articulated by the elements of wisdom, experience, and insight granted by the Almighty; the aforementioned extending throughout all territories, realms, and realities; and in observance of the Principles of Enlightenment, forasmuch as ye shall accept Him, LET IT BE KNOWN to all to whom these gifts shall come, in exaltation of His Supreme Power, and by His will, and in His pleasure, that the path toward Enlightenment shall be illuminated, thereby and henceforth remaining within thy reach.

In the spiritual realm and kingdom of HIS MAJESTY, THE PREEMINENT, OZELL XIANTÉ, let it be written this fourteenth day of October 2007, in celebration of one decade of His Reign.

Fiat Lux!

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